A subtle texture enhances your living space.

Many of today’s design trends rely heavily on texture. Because it’s a tip-sheared carpet, Rhapsody creates a subtle texture that adds movement and visual interest, enhancing your living space. Tip sheared carpet offers the visual appeal of texture. It’s created by tufting some loops higher than others. When the carpet is sheared, higher loop tufts are cut, but lower ones are not. The result is a unique texture. Rhapsody complements formal and informal décor.

See specifications below.

  • Available in 12 colors
  • Tip-sheared carpet
  • Subtle texture

Available in 12 Colors


Description Sheared Loop
Fiber 100% BCF solution-dyed PET
Width 12 feet
Face Weight 23 oz.
Gauge 5/64 gauge
Primary Backing Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Polypropylene
Finsh Twist 6.25
Flammability Pill Test (CPSC FF1-70): Pass
Warranties 10 Year texture retention, limited wear, limited stain