Legacy Twist

At 7.5 twists per inch,
you'll boogie on the carpet
never on the backing.

Patriot Mills®

Most carpets look and feel great when new. But, a quality carpet
will retain its like-new appearance longer — that’s why “twists-per-inch,” in the yarn, matters. A lower twist of 4 or 5 may look good, but it won’t have the durability and longevity of a higher twist-per-inch carpet — especially in high-traffic areas like stairs and hallways.

This is why Legacy TwistTM from Patriot Mills, is unique. Expertly crafted yarns boast 7.5 twists per inch — the highest in the industry. The durability and high-performance of Legacy TwistTM will last a long, long time.

Available in 15 foxy colors, it’s like music for your feet. So, all you have to do... is the “Legacy Twist!”

Proven Durability

Legacy Twist™ was wear-tested by an independent, accredited laboratory in compliance with ASTM D5252-20. The rating is an above-average 4 out of a possible 5, equal with and even outperforming comparable nylon carpet.

The laboratory is accredited by the US Dept. of Commerce, The National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is also an Organizational Member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials.)

Legacy Twist



Fiber 100% BCF solution-dyed PET
Face Wt. Oz. 57
Finished Pile Height .5 inch
Gauge 1/10 gauge
Primary Backing Polypropylene
Secondary Backing Polypropylene
Twist 7.5 TPI
Width 12 feet
Pattern Repeat None
Flammability Pill Test (CPSC FF1-70): PASS
Warranties 15 Year texture retention, limited wear, limited stain